Tuesday, August 7

From Dress to Shirt

i love one seam alterations. they are quick, easy and take a total of ten minutes max. perfect for the beginning seamstress. This dress was one i wore to the pool as a cover up. i love the silky material but wasn't a fan of how short it was. i wanted to wear it more frequently than just to the pool but i could only come up with one way to wear it...paired with leggings... not so cute. so, after one quick cut and seam i turned this dress into a shirt that i will be able to wear frequently, take a look:

this is what we started out with.

 first you find a shirt that you like the length and hemline of. (it's best if it's similar material and/or similar style shirt) place the shirt on top of your dress and cut out the hemline leaving 1/2 inch seam allowance.

fold over once if it's a knit and won't fray, twice if it will fray, pin, and sew along the edge of your fold. (make sure to use a stitch that will work with your material. if it's a knit/stretchy be sure to use a stretch stitch -like a zig-zag- for other materials a standard straight stitch will usually work, if your worried, look up the type of material by looking at the tag on the shirt and google it.)

lastly, i unpicked the belt loops because i didn't like the belt that came with it and instead paired it with a colorful skinny belt.
see how easy that was!

i love how it turned out, i feel that it enhances my body shape by hitting me at the hips instead of above my knees. i am 5'3 and so anything that cuts me or my short legs in half never looks that great. seriously this is so easy, if you're just starting out sewing this is a perfect project to try and you will feel so accomplished afterwards. promise!

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