Tuesday, March 12

there's something i've been meaning to tell you

so, we moved.

it's been the craziest, busiest, whirlwind of motions and emotions probably... ever.

it all started about 6 months ago when we drove past this cute little antique home that was for sale just a block away from our <then> current house. we really liked it and thought to ourselves, maybe it's time for us to buy our own home. well, after coming home and looking at our finances we realized that there were a few things we needed to do and money to save before we would be able to actually buy our own home. well, my parents have been pushing for us to move into their basement basically since we got married. garrison and i are pretty independent people and like our own private space so that idea was never really given the time of day but... one evening i just asked him "why" it wasn't being considered. and... we both got answers to our prayers and knew that moving in with my parents was the right thing to do.

it was surreal. whenever i've prayed i've always asked to see if something that i wanted to do was the right thing or not, and i've recieved answers, both yes and no. but, i've never asked to see if something i didn't want to do was the right thing. well... i didn't want to do it, but it was unquestionably the right thing for us to do so... here we are doing it.

anyway, so, our cute little apartment went up for sale and initially we found someone that wanted it for the end of april. we were fine with that date and decided it would just give us extra time to say goodbye to the neighbors and pack. well, a few weeks later those people chose to move somewhere else so we put the apartment back up and that same day found two couples that wanted it... immediately. we picked one and told them to give us at least a week and moved into my parents basement the very next day.

this friday they are moving in. and this past week we have been cleaning, and boxing, and buying storage units and organizing, and crying and stressing, and preparing our last lessons, and preparing our last sacrament meeting talks and did i mention crying? basically it's just been busy.

bayli has adjusted perfectly because she is babysat by my mother whenever i go to work so she is already used to the house and that has been such a blessing. garrison and i are still adjusting and trying to work out all the kinks with my parents so that these next few months will go over smoothly and no relationships will be severed.

it's weird. being back in my childhood home but with my own child.
it's weird knowing that the next house we move into will be our own.
it's all just pretty weird.

but, we have already seen the huge blessings that will come and are coming to us for making this decision and hopefully, the next time we see a dream house of ours with a for sale sign in front. we will be able to walk up and have the confidence knowing that we are ready!

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