Friday, June 13

The Outer Doors

My little outdoorsy kid is about as opposite of me as they come. she is perfectly content with being outside all day long, getting messy, searching for bugs, and playing sports (or at least trying to... you should see all of her 23 pounds hike a full size football between her legs. it's adorable) i normally would not be interested in these kinds of things, i am more of a "id rather look at pictures of outside than actually go there" kind of girl. i would avoid and complain about doing outdoorsy things because of my easily sun-burnt skin, and the vendetta bugs have against me, but because of Bayli's enthusiasm, and sometimes persistence about playing outside (she will often squeeze her body through the doggie door in order to get to her toys in the backyard) i have recently found myself scouring our garden for bugs so that we can watch them in action, playing football, baseball, and soccer with her in our backyard, and making mud pies. and you know what, besides the grass allergies that sent me to the hospital a few days ago, i am actually really enjoying it. HUGE SURPRISE. i was actually the one that wanted to go hike up a small, steep, seemingly untouched canyon by our house. little did we know it actually had a tiny path that we initially thought was just a deer/animal path, and a name: "little rock canyon" anyone heard of it or hiked it before?? (it's probably because of that outdoorsy vacation i went on a few weeks ago that opened my eyes up to how fun it really can be.)

anyway, here's to turning over a new leaf, and not being skeptical about things that are new and different. i guess this can kinda count as my "favorite find friday" : a new-found sense of adventure

and now for some pictures to prove i've actually been outside recently, cause my whiter-than-white-haven't-you-heard-of-self-tanner skin is really trying to prove you otherwise.

 ^^^ our new little hydrangea bush that i love more than life.

 ^^^to me, this picture is the epitome of summer
 ^^pointing out all her bugs. ever since we started watching Rachel and the Treeschoolers she is obsessed with bugs and will yell at me until i come and watch them with her. Rachel, from the show, is trying to get funded on kickstarter and there are only 32 hours left! she needs $50,000 more in order to reach her goal of $200,000 go donate here
 ^^^meet isabelle isaleaf
 ^^playing with the sun

^^ we made that flower crown from weeds in our neighbors gutter, also, don't judge our terrible outfits in these photos, she is going through a pick-out-my-own-clothes phase that i am just trying to endure through. :)

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  1. Just discovered your blog through pinterest (kimono scarf tutorial) :) Really great pictures, I just love that one with the sprinkler! So, hi! X