Tuesday, September 9

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

have you heard of the new trend "capsule wardrobe"? it's a similar concept to the french wardrobe philosophy, and has also been called 333. but my favorite blogger on this subject is caroline at un-fancy here's my take on things:

slimming down your closet to around 40 items, and changing up those 40 items each season.
these items include: shoes, shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, shorts, leggings, dresses, skirts, vests and cardigans.
this list does not include: purses, jewelry, scarves, swimsuits, work out clothes, pajamas, heavy coats, hats and underwear.
these 40 pieces should be things that you LOVE. things that make you look great and feel comfortable, things that are made from quality materials that are durable, things that coordinate well together and have a similar color scheme, and lastly, things that express your personal style easily and effectively.

doesn't that just sound wonderful?

so to start this seemingly daunting project you take everything out of your closet and throw it on the bed. then without thinking too much about seasons, you start sorting. i made three piles: LOVE and would wear it right now and look pretty, hasn't been worn in forever and will be given to goodwill, and the maybe/storage pile. that pile consisted of clothes that i liked the pattern/shape/idea but it just didn't fit me right at the moment, ie: fat shirts, or too skinny jeans. it also was for the items that i hadn't worn in forever but couldn't fathom giving away because it cost too much money, or held sentimental value. and finally it was for the items that fit me well but weren't a true reflection of my personal style. ie: a neon shirt when i usually wear neutrals. then once things are sorted, you either have to do one of two things, if your LOVE pile is very slim, you need to start creating a shopping list, and finding things in your "maybe" pile to use in the meantime. and if your LOVE pile is large you start sorting by season and create your capsules.

this is my first season attempting something like this but i am already so excited and from coming up with my 40 items i have already begun to see how much simpler and better my life will be because of it, there is just so much more creativity and less stress involved with getting ready in the mornings! anyway, as a way to keep myself going steady on this new way of dressing, i might be posting outfits to the blog, when i think about it as a project for the blog instead of just a project for my life it somehow gets done more effectively. so, hopefully it continues to go as i hope it will, and maybe you will want to follow suit. basically, it is just giving me more opportunities for taking and posting selfies, which will probably make all of you unfollow me right this moment, but oh well. i already have so many tips and tricks i've learned in the past few weeks of coming up with my capsule, be prepared for those as i post pictures of the different outfits i come up with!

oh and before i forget! here's my items a little more close up and organized!

Shirts, Button-ups, and Dresses

Vests, Jackets, Blazers and Cardigans

Skirts, Leggings, and Pants

Heels, Sandals, Flats, and Boots

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