Monday, May 9

Everli's First Birthday

This little cutie's birthday also happened to fall on mothers day this year. So, as a big combined celebration we hosted a family dinner at our house in lieu of a traditional party. When garrison and i were talking after bayli's first birthday we realized all you need to make a great first birthday party is: loving guests, a cake to smash, and good food. no presents, no decorations (although, bayli and i picked some flowers from our bush in the backyard after church anyway) and no fuss. it really was so simple fun and easy, and Everli had such a great time, which was all that mattered. plus, we got to celebrate all the mothers in our lives at the same time, so you know, it really was such a wonderful day.

Everli's beautiful face hasn't appeared on this blog as much as i would like, she's been here a year now and she only has 3 posts so far on the blog, that is truly pathetic. I really am going to work harder to post about her, i need to make documenting and journaling more of a priority during this busy time.

From the very beginning of this girls life she found her little niche in our family and fits in so perfectly, almost like she's always been here. Transitioning into a mother of 2 has been surprisingly easy and smooth for me. Bayli never smothered her too closely with love, or was rebellious and jealous of her. Everli was always a good sleeper, and the two girls have shared a room this entire time with no problems! I'm telling you, if i could guarantee that the next kid would be as easy as Everli, i'd get pregnant tomorrow!

Everli is such a happy baby. She smiles at anyone who looks at her, even if she's tired or sad. She's adventurous and loves getting into things. She's walking now and trying her hardest to keep up with her sister with everything she does. She's done this inhale scream thing ever since she was a baby whenever she's excited and it's so adorable, I hope she never grows out of it. In the very beginning of her life we thought she was choking when she made that noise because the inhale part sounds like she can't get enough air, but we have now gotten used to it as just an Everli-ism and find it adorable.

She loves to cuddle, and find a cozy spot to sit, preferably in grandpas lap, or by mom's feet, or in a tight space between two pieces of furniture. She isn't talking much, which we are told is very typical for 2nd kids, because Bayli does all the talking for her. She currently only knows "momma", and "dadda", and every once in a while will repeat words like "ball", 'more", "up", or "out". The same is true with sign language, we're teaching her, but she doesn't feel the need to use it because she get's waited on hand and foot by the people in her life that love her, especially her big sister.

I wish every family has the opportunity to experience a baby and now, toddler (aaahhh) like Everli. she is seriously a dream, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for her! That mothers day weekend a year ago brought me so much happiness, the delivery was quick, and recovery was even quicker. I truly couldn't have received a better present, and this year, watching her timidly eat her cake, and smile as everyone sang to her, and letting her dad teach her the oh-so important skill of blowing out a candle is all this momma could have asked for. Here's wishing a Happy Mothers day to you all!


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