Wednesday, July 13

Scrunched Hair: the aftermath

By now you should all know that i try to go as long as possible in-between hair washings. not only because it saves me time, but also because my hair is so much healthier when i don't wash it as much! one of the biggest reasons why i had to wash my hair so often before i started using dry shampoo was because i would wear my wavy hair "scrunched" frequently. if any of you have worn your hair scrunched with gel, or mouse, or hairspray, or freaking egg whites, or whatever other binding agent pinterest has come up with lately, then you know that day 2 hair after scrunching is A MESS. it's so dry, and so full of products, and such a weird frizzy, dread lock kind of style. well, in my latest youtube video, i show three different days worth of styles i do to prolong that scrunched look, and refrain from washing!!

it might seem like basic principles to some, (basically the video is just: brush hair, apply conditioning creams and dry shampoo, re-wet to activate curl, and scrunch again) but this is one of the more frequent questions i get asked at the salon from my clients! and because i don't do their hair on "day 2" (or 3, 4, 5 etc) then i don't ever get to teach them how it's done. so... i hope you enjoy! (the products i use are linked in the description box beneath my video!)

and honestly, unless you are someone with wavy hair, that hasn't figured out how to style it on day 2, then this video isn't for you, but hopefully it will help at least one person!

thanks as always!

here's the video:

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