Saturday, October 22

Baby Diary: finding a doctor

(wrote on August 31st 2011)

with the to-do-list mentioned in my last post. we've officially switched insurance (yay!) and next to check off the list is setting up my doctors appointment. i did that yesterday which is great! but, here's how i figured out how, and more importantly, who.

you first need to start listening to people when they complain or compliment their birthing experience. i find that this experience is not because of how beautiful the baby is, cause the baby no matter if their face is black and blue and misshapen is always beautiful. but... it comes from the facility, the nurses and the doctor. with those things in mind, because im a hairdresser i have heard alot of stories (good and bad) from my clients about their hospital experience. i do not think i will try to do a hypnobirth, home birth or waterbirth because its my first baby. so that leaves the good ol' hospital. we do not know where we will be living, so... by rumor alone, i have heard alot of really good things about the american fork hospital and they work with my new insurance company. next step. looking up their doctors. they have a few on the IHC website so i took a look at those, initially i wanted a girl just because i thought i would feel more comfortable.  but after looking the only girl mentioned had the least amount of experience, and so, my mind obviously changed. looking at the rest of the guys, my mind kept going back to this watabe guy, so... i showed the pictures and talked about where they went to school and how long they had been practicing with garrison and asked him who he felt the best about. he thought watabe too! his family has grown up with their family in the ward and so we kinda have a connection, also, he said "something just feels good about him" which is exactly how to explain my feelings. well, after telling my family i asked debbie who she went to with her 4 kids and which experience was the best. well... she had only good things to say about watabe too and had actually gone to him! i was floored. this was what i thought would be the hardest decision to make and it turned out to be the easiest! finally, once my mind was made up, i texted my friend that works at the af hospital and asked her who she would go with. she said watabe also. by this point i feel like im making an appointment with a celebrity! everyone knows him!! so, with that knowledge under my wings and every ounce of stress out of my head i called and set an appointment up with him.

september 12th at 9 in the morning! i can't wait!

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  1. Sorry, I had not only one awful experience at AF hospital, but two. Both involved very uncaring hospital staff. Hopefully this won't be the case for you.