Sunday, October 23

Happy Halloween, oh and I'M PREGNANT!!!

Garrison gets really into it. 

Mine was crying, but don't worry. I turned it into something to smile about, not cry.

Tada!!!! It is a self portrait. :) 

Garrison's is pretty intense. His is not a self portrait. It's a halloween version of the baby in me. With horns and spikes and all. 

We figured this would be a pretty creative way to let the world wide web know about the innermost parts of me that are developing. Over the past few months that we've known, i've been writing blog posts, but i've just been saving them until we announced it. So, there will be many many more posts to come. They all say "baby diary" at the beginning of the title. But for now... the short and sweet version:

We got pregnant while on the birth control pill sometime in July, it was a huge surprise when we found out! (which was on Aug 25th) The baby is due on April 12th, im currently 15 weeks along. (Or in normal non pregnant terms 4 months) That also means that im into the 2nd trimester, so im feeling great and things really are looking wonderful and healthy for me and the baby. Even though it was a surprise, we are so happy and excited. It took me a few more weeks/months to get as excited as Garrison. He's been ecstatic since the first day. Im not as huge as the pumpkin carving suggests yet. Technically I haven't even gained any weight. So, I guess the "baby bump" will make it's appearance later. But, if you want to keep reading, there are many more posts to come from my initial reaction, to names we've picked out, to pictures of ultrasounds. Hope you enjoy! and Happy Halloween!!!

Love, Garrison, Val, and little fetus.

(just one of my favorite pictures from us in Santorini. )


  1. Very cute pumpkins, but they are going to be way shriveled by Halloween...and moldy too. Good thing you took pics. Glad Garrison is ready for a little monster with a dash of devil inside. :0)

  2. H! You don't know me... I am an old friend of Garrison's from high school. I just had to say CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage and the upcoming baby! I am so happy for you both. I don't know you (obviously) but you are such a beautiful girl and you seem so sweet. Garrison is a lucky man. Good luck with everything! You will love having a baby- I just had my first baby 5 months ago. Its the hardest thing you'll ever do...but the best thing as well! Tell Garrison Hi from us! :)