Tuesday, October 18

my "Claire Dunphy" moment

while watching modern family there was an episode about how Claire, the mom, always has to have it her way, especially in arguments, and if someone challenges her... she goes to great lengths to prove that she is right. well, I had one of those moments.

my friend may or may not have taken me to lunch recently. and she may or may not have gotten the chow mien noodles from panda express. while eating them and enjoying ourselves immensely, she mentioned that there is lettuce in the noodles. well, I love cabbage. LOVE cabbage. i've sauteed it with just a little olive oil, and salt and pepper for years, and i was positive that the food she thought was lettuce, was actually cabbage, and my favorite part of the cabbage in fact. but, I was not about to get in a full blown argument. granted, I still challenged her, and told her I thought it was cabbage, and she informed me that she was positive it was lettuce. well, I dropped it. it's just cabbage/lettuce right? wrong.

last night my loving husband, knowing just how much I love cabbage cooked some for me for dinner as a surprise, well, I told him the story. jokingly of course, and not really trying to prove my point. but just as a story since we happened to be eating cabbage and it reminded me of it. well, for family home evening, on our way to our activity. we were driving a different way than usual and I kept insisting that he was going the wrong direction and he said "no im not, just wait. it's a surprise" well, a few seconds later we pull up next to the..... panda express of course! I had totally forgotten about the story but, garrison was letting me prove my point! (he knows me so well) so, we go inside, walk up to the chef, (we wanted to get the details from the chef himself, not the check out girl) and ask, "is there lettuce in your chow mein?" he looks at us weird and says "... no" I then say, "it's just cabbage right?" "yeah, cabbage, onion, and celery" -at this moment, im positive he thinks im allergic to lettuce because of the smile on my face- I pump my fist in the air, yell YES! and walk out. at this point, everyone in the store is looking at us weird. smile still on my face.

the only thing that would have made it better is if I had gotten it all on tape.

moral of the story: there is no lettuce in panda express' chow mien, for anyone who may or may not be wondering. Also, Valeri is remarkably similar to Claire Dunphy.


  1. Maybe it was a celery leaf she saw--that sometimes looks like lettuce. Also you need to learn to let things go--logic and proving things doesn't always work really well with little kids. So save yourself some headaches :)

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