Wednesday, November 2

$1.50 Cake Stand DIY

from looking at so many DIY's on others blogs I finally decided to blog about one myself. making your own cake stand from a plate and goblet. I went to DI to get mine, each cost .75 so, in total, i spent 1.50 for this project. 
step 1: thoroughly wash and dry your dish ware. 

 get your supplies ready, you will need an adhesive. I used "Amazing E-6000" industrial strength adhesive from hobby lobby. it came highly recommended for this kind of project and cost me just over 6.00 but you could also use whatever adhesive you have on hand that works on glue. check the back of the container. you might also want some newspaper, toothpicks, and q-tips.

apply glue to the top of the goblet (where you would drink from if you were using it as a glass) and stick in center of plate. pull apart quickly. this is to make the adhesive tacky. it helps when applying glue to smooth/slick surfaces if the glue is tacky. wait one minute.

firmly put the goblet back in the center of the plate in the same spot you placed it earlier and use your toothpick and q-tips to remove any excess glue that may have squeezed out the edges. I would not worry too much about how this looks, when in use, this part of the cake stand will almost always be covered, so don't stress if it's not perfect.

Ta-Da!!! all done, let dry/seal for however long your adhesive suggests, mine suggested 24 hours. it maybe takes 2 minutes. and costs less than 2 dollars. in my books that defines the perfect DIY 

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  1. cute! i took some cute old plates that we don't use anymore but i didn't have the heart to throw away and some old plastic goblet cups we got from some wedding gift and just used hot glue. my hot glue gun and i have been practically inseparable since i got it for my birthday! also? i had some matching bowls (just regular plastic cereal bowls) and glued those to the cups too! cute cute.