Tuesday, March 13

36 week belly pictures

Only one month left till our little kickers due date! Luckily I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes and am doing well. We have our big drs appointment in 2 days and hopefully she will still be head down and growing like usual. People keep saying that this far along you notice a decrease in fetal movement but... She is just kicking away all the time like usual. Its fun when I wear tight shirts like I am today because people from across the room can see her moving and will comment on how big and strong she is.
Im way excited to meet this little bundle of energy and cannot believe how fast the day is approaching when I will be able to look her in the eyes and hold her with my arms instead of my hips!

Garrison and I have been so blessed by the love and advice and gift giving from those that surround us. Although we still have a little ways to go before we will be" ready" for her arrival (if ever) we would not be as prepared as we are without your help. So, thank you.

More posts soon about the progress on our house, the nursery, and baby shower numero dos!!
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