Friday, June 22

The Art of Manliness

in this month of fathers day, i would like to refer everyone to this website. its amazing. not only does it speak the truth but it is hilarious and insightful for both men and women. The Art of Manliness is attempting to bring back the forgotten attributes of a true man with articles like: How to shave like your grandpa, 9 ways to start a fire without matches, Stop hanging out with women and start dating them, the benefits of being married -this one is sooo good-, how to tie a tie, and more!

This website sits well with me because as i was growing up with my beard growing man of a father i realized that i wanted to marry a guy just like him. someone who likes camping, who would provide for me even if that meant killing, gutting, and cooking a wild animal. i wanted to marry someone who was determined and loyal, a hard worker, and who cared about his image but didn't obsess over it. someone who would ask my father for my hand in marriage and dance with his daughter at her wedding, someone who knows how to fix a car, grill a burger, wield a chainsaw, mow a lawn, and throw a football. someone who doesn't own a gym membership but instead works out by working in the garage. someone who rolls around in the mud with their dog on Saturday, and gets all dressed up for church on Sunday. someone who loves kissing their woman, and someone who looks into the eyes of a child and see's beauty. someone who smells like aftershave, who knows how to back up a trailer. someone who sings to the radio off tune, and likes to drive with the windows down. someone who could climb the rope in P.E. i want a man that can win me a stuffed teddy bear at the fair, and who knows his way around a dutch oven. Basically someone who agree's with this sentence. "A man loves, his God, his woman, and his country."

That my friends is my definition of a real man, and that my friends is what i have as a husband and father.
i'm one lucky girl.

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  1. I totally agree with everything you just said and I also must admit that I am one lucky girl, or do I need to say old lady? I also need a copy of this picture, I haven't seen it before and it is one I want to have on file. :=)