Monday, June 18

Daddy O

Watching the relationship develop between your daughter and her father is one of the most breathtaking things in the universe. it's such a special bond between those two. to watch so much love develop instantly as soon as he see's her for the first time in that busy bustling delivery room. it's as if time stands still. not only because you, yourself have just become a mother. but also... because the man you are in love with has just become a father. today in church the speaker said something profound: our heavenly father has the power to ask us to call him anything he wishes, but he prefers the title father. that proves right there just how special, and important that title is. i'm so lucky to have Garrison as the father of my children. he is the best, and he fits the role and title perfectly. watching my two favorite people interact together really is the greatest blessing. i cannot ask for anything more. i love you daddy o.

Happy Fathers Day


  1. Yes I totally agree, he fits the title and role of father perfectly. You guys are lucky to have him!

  2. I just gave you the Liebster Blog Award... go check it out!
    Love you!