Sunday, June 24

Blog Award

Thanks Katie for giving me this blog award! I was so thrilled when I got her message! She called me a "new stylish mommy" cute right. it's a good title. i'll take it. :) In Case you don't know, -i didn't- Liebster is German and means beloved, dearest, or favorite. well, now it's my turn to give this award to my top 5 beloved blogs:

Erica at Every Saturday is Waffle Day because she goes on so many fun adventures that make me jealous. i seriously wish i had her life sometimes. plus she's hilarious.
Katie at These Are The Days because she's my bestie but we don't get to see each other much, good thing she blogs frequently so i can privately stalk her. well... now publicly.
Megan at Zac and Megan because she's always so stylish in her own unique way. plus, when we took spanish together she always made me laugh and still does through her blog.
Jami at A Bit Backward... because she was the very first blog i followed and isn't ever afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes.
BreAnne at The Okoren Report because her little girl might just be cuter than my own daughter and her nursery definitely is!

in order to accept the award you just have to do these simple steps. walk up the podium, grab your shiny trophy, shed a tear or two and give a shout out to all your fans. just kidding. all you really have to do is pass it forward! do this by:
1.write a post about it.
2. in the post link back to the person who gave it to you.
3. give the award to your top 5 bloggers. {with less than 200 followers}
4. leave a comment on their most recent blog post letting them know that they have been given this award.

in other blogging news. take a look at this!

i'm going... yup.

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