Monday, June 25

Medicine men

Our living room has a large window in the front. our neighborhood has tons and tons of birds. put one and two together and what do you get? birds trying to get into my livingroom via the front window. BAM. basically daily i go to my door thinking someone has knocked and find a dead bird on the walkway instead. {at first i thought the neighborhood kids were mean pranksters... oops. sorry for the bad thoughts of revenge guys}well, this time as my husband got the shovel to go and get rid of the evidence, the bird woke up! it was obvious that there was still some sort of damage because it wasn't flying away. we couldn't figure out if it was just delirious or actually had a broken wing or something. well, being the natural healers we are, we made it a home and kept it with us for a few days until it got it's strength back and flew home. precious right? well, ferdinand {who we later found out was a girl so we called her fergie}is doing well and chirps with her brothers and sisters and step-second-cousins and wakes us up every morning... awesome.

 This is her little home garrison made out of a diaper box. see her in there down below the stick on the right?

 after garrison named her, i told him we had a book about Ferdinand and so it immediately turned into story time. he's the best dad. Fergie chirped her approval in the background during the story.

p.s. before you attack me with thoughts about how unsanitary it is to have a wild bird in my house with a newborn. remember... we kept her in the farthest room from bayli's room, and i never touched fergie and garrison always had to wash his hands after touching her. no worries. :P my mom certificate doesn't need to be suspended.

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  1. Love this post! Yes I too have seen dead birds on your walk way, those silly birds, maybe your windows are too clean? I am not sure I want to know how you decided Ferdinand was a girl? I loved the pictures of Garrison reading to Bayli, I can totally see him doing that!