Saturday, July 7

DIY Colored Jeans

Remember when i bleached my jeans white well, i mentioned that i might dye them mint green next. well. i did it! here's how:
Grab a bucket and your white pants

fill it with hot water, some salt and your dye {i recommend liquid dye as it is the most even and wont leave spots}i used 1/4 of the RIT kelly green bottle for an entire bucket of water.

stir dye and water, then put your pants in while stirring constantly.
dye tip: put your bucket in the sink on top of the drain that way you can let the hot water fill up the sink around your bucket so that the dye stays hot.
leave them in the dye until they are a bit darker than you would like (for me it was about 10 minutes) i say a bit darker because they will lighten as they dry.
rinse with cold water and wring out all the water until the water runs clear
wash them by themselves with a bit of detergent and dry.
That's ALL. how easy was that?? seriously. best 2 dollars i've spent... ever.

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