Friday, October 12


today, i am going to my grandmothers funeral.

but... luckily for you i am also guest blogging over at my friend Katie's blog. go and check it out. i did a tutorial just for her last night about how to make some super cute and easy bows with a list of some really awesome ways to use them. here, i'll give you a sneak peak...

click here to go to the full post on her blog.

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  1. I love how you re-purposed those bows. Super cute. I found your blog following a link from Pinterest and I think I've already spent about an hour just reading your blog. I have totally enjoyed my time on your blog, following your story and viewing pictures of your adorable daughter. The post you wrote about loving your mom and how you were similar during your pregnancies had me in tears, it was so touching. You and I have 3 things in common, we are both mothers, crafty, and Mormon. Thank you for your blog.
    ~ Sybil in Indianapolis