Sunday, April 28


so i know im super late to get these pictures posted but... i really don't have an excuse, i've just been focusing my time on other things. however, these pictures are just too cute not to post. and, it was such a fun day filled with good friends and sugar. oh how i have loved the fact that it is now warm enough to play outside all day and i think i've finally figured out why they call "mother nature" a mother. because she does a darn good job at raising and entertaining children. i don't need any toys or snacks to keep Bay entertained while outside, all she needs is to go and find a stick or a leaf or watch a bird in the sky and her attention is captured.

thanks mother nature, your doing this mother a great big favor. i've never loved you more.

 oh. and... ^^^ that guy, no he's not peeing. he's actually searching for the last hidden easter egg. it's white, and it's to his left in the image. the guys hid it for him. it took what seemed like 1/2 an hour to find it. we played hot and cold, we told him it was in the sun, we basically pointed right at it and he still couldn't find it because they hid it in a bunch of old egg shells that they use as mulch. AWESOME.

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