Wednesday, May 25

Im Surprised...

since our wedding day...
i'm surprised by how many times "I love you" can be said in a day and each one still feels as genuine as the first. 
i'm surprised how much our lives did not slow down like I thought they would.
i'm surprised that our thank you cards still aren't finished almost 5 months later.
i'm surprised how I haven't been writing in the blog as much as I anticipated I would.
i'm surprised how much of a daughter/sister I feel like to my in-laws.
i'm surprised how I can't sleep unless he's next to me.
i'm surprised how much I still feel the same.
i'm surprised by how much has changed.
i'm surprised how our spiritual conversations have gotten so much deeper. 
i'm surprised that he truly knows me inside and out, better than I know myself, and what my thoughts are before I think them.
i'm surprised that cooking didn't come as easily as I figured it would.
i'm surprised that we haven't argued or gotten sick of each other even once!
i'm surprised how much I wish my single friends could just live one day in my life so that can see what they are missing out on. and, how GREAT it is to wait till it's. just. right.
i'm surprised how much modern family makes us laugh
i'm surprised that we are not embarrassed at all from farting in front of each other.
i'm surprised I ever thought "I love him so much, I can't love him any more than I do right now in this very moment" cause, the next day, he will make me think it again.
i'm surprised how much i've learned about money, the value of it, and why budgeting is the best thing ever, and saving, and spending, etc.
i'm surprised how much more i love john mayer's music.
i'm surprised that he really wanted to marry me. I was back then, and I still am now.
i'm surprised how much more a hug means.
i'm surprised how much the lord blesses us.
i'm surprised when he brings me flowers
i'm surprised how many times in one day I can watch the movie Tangled.
i'm surprised by the number of books i've read. which is alot.
i'm surprised how much I love looking at our wedding pictures. 
i'm surprised by how great it feels to come home to "our home" especially when it's clean
i'm surprised by how many more hours of sleep I get a night.
i'm surprised that I miss him so much when he's gone.
i'm surprised how much we think and talk alike.
i'm surprised by the fact that we will be able to spend forever together and im so grateful for the gospel and our temple covenants.
i'm surprised that we have been able to go to the temple every week!
i'm surprised by how diligent he is with his nightly routines.
i'm surprised how much I love our bed.
i'm surprised how beautiful I feel when he looks at me.
i'm just surprised by how wonderful my life is now, and wouldn't change a single aspect of it for a second!

thanks baby for making me the happiest girl in the world and for making me laugh everyday like you promised you would. :)

your chugga chugga bang bangs 

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