Monday, August 15

Catching Up

Garr and I are goofy, we have unique past times and catch people off guard most of the time. but, in the past 7 months since we got married, we have done... (in no particular order)

gone to spring city with the Jones' to look at antique houses
gotten obsessed with antique houses
finished the 13 week Dave Ramsey's FPU course
gotten our first "pet" sock monkey Ollie
decorated and painted our lovely little apartment
planted a garden
had a tree fall on garrisons car
wrote messages with dry erase markers on everything we could in our apartment including picture frames, mirrors, clocks, etc.
gone boating with melissa and nate dye
gone boating with the winn's at bear lake
went backpacking in the Uintas for 3 days at Wall Lake
backpacked through GREECE & NEW YORK
went to our first play on broadway "Mary Poppins" (which I fell asleep in due to jet lag and extreme sleep deprivation)
had multiple BBQ's with friends and family
gone four wheeling
honeymoon in midway/park city
babysat the nieces a few times
went to the carnival
thrown/been to multiple bachelorette/bachelor parties for our friends
been in multiple wedding parties for same noted friends.
helped with a proposal
had "the sex talk" with way too many people
volunteered at the pioneer day 5k/10k
hit too many to count yard sales
attended our first drive in movie (and provided the sound for all of the cars in our row. HOLLA!)
seen movies in the theater such as:
-17 miracles
-kung fu panda 2
-x men first class
-transformers 3
-captain america
-the green hornet
-Water for Elephants
-True Grit
-pirates of the Caribbean 4
Movie series we've seen:
-fast and furious
-star wars
we have fixed grandpa's bathroom
been to the rodeo
States/countries we have been to:
-new york
-nevada (that one was a surprise)
been members of 3 different wards
gone to the temple every week
given talks in sacrament meeting
dressed up for valentines day
been to the salt flats
gotten chinese take out
woke up to a couple inches of snow in snow canyon!
had picnic's in our front lawn
threw action figures into the road to watch them explode
threw a snail into the road and watched/heard it explode
watched our first ultimate fighting game at a bar
had high fevers at the same time
went to 7 peaks twice, for 45 min each time
moved grandma
watched modern family and laughed at every episode
named the plants in our garden big boy, spicy pants, and squishy.

Valeri has:
played a cruel april fools joke on garrison
read the entire series of The Work and The Glory
read Matched
started making her first full size quilt (86"-86")
took up painting for about three days
still hasn't totally ruined a meal
gotten her first attack of allergies
been sick more than she has been healthy
had her first pregnancy scare.
slept and slept and slept in some more plus a few naps
memorized the entire movie Tangled
did everything to change her name in ONE day.
started her own business
switched salons
judged a hair show

Garrison has:
waxed valeri
repaired a broken bbq named Mader from cars
put in valeri's hair extentions
purchased his first v-neck shirt and actually likes it
purchased a few more...
mastered KSL and Ebay
got a raise at work
read The Holy Temple
put flowers in my hair like tangled
glued dirt to his arm
sung to valeri almost every morning. each day its a new song.
survived the winn's guys camping trip without a gun.
discovered that valeri goes bajonkers if you breathe on her neck.
taken 3 online courses while still enjoying summer and having a full time job

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