Saturday, October 22

Baby Diary: and the due date is...

(wrote on September 13th 2011)

After what felt like months of waiting. (but was really about 3 weeks) We finally have our answer. We are nine weeks and 4 days along. After measuring how big the little baby's head and bum are from the ultrasound it puts our due date at.... APRIL 12TH 2011! (which, if you know anything about my dad, he does taxes for a living. and april 12th is basically the busiest day of the entire year for him. so, he's making me promise to at least wait one week until the 19th. yeah, we will see how that goes.... instead. im just hoping that i can have the baby super early instead. we will see, thats not that good of a solution either. i just know that due dates change as you go throughout your pregnancy and so.... we will see.)

Happy Birthday Baby! (whenever you chose to come!)

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