Wednesday, November 9

Make-Up Tips: wet-then-dry

in order to make anything, food, art, crafts, etc there is a process. and make-up is no exception. today, one of the processes i'm going to talk about is the wet then dry process.

if you make something wet, then add something dry on top of it, it sticks better. they make sort of a "solution" take flour and water for example. if you get dry flour on your hands, it will stick, especially in the creases, and under your fingernails, but it comes off fairly easy by just brushing it off or even just by the wear and tear of the day. but... if you mix that flour with water, then... then you've got a paste, it's way harder to get off, and "dusting it off" nope. not going to help. 

now compare that to eyeshadow. 
if you just put eyeshadow on your lids, it will stick, similarly to getting flour on your hands. but, if your like me. you've noticed that by the end of the day that eyeshadow has been rubbed, swiped and just plain worn off. this is where PRIMER comes in handy. it's this little secret in the make-up world. it's an extra step in the make-up process, and that's why i figure lots of drugstore brands don't make or carry one regularly. they figure that most women wouldn't know what to do with a primer if they had one, and it's adding an extra step to their already long list of must-haves. well, this is for sure on my list of "must haves" 

primer is like the water in the flour paste mixture. it's putting something "wet" down first on your eyelid so that the eyeshadow will stick for many many more hours without getting clumpy or running. i've used  a little moisturizer, concealer, or even foundation in my rushes to get my face on when i don't have my primer with me. but, actual primer is much better. 

one small tip: let's say you put your primer on, and start applying your eyeshadow, the first color you apply is likely to be the last color that comes off. and same with the alternative: the last color you put on is likely to be the first color that will fade off. this is because the wet solution has been made dry once a dry powder goes on top of it. so... if your layering colors the later layers are not stuck to any of the primer and will fall off easiest. 

steps: apply primer to a clean, dry eyelid.
apply eyeliner
apply eyeshadow fairly quickly remembering the order you put your eyeshadow on is important.
blend, the end.

all of a sudden, from using this little step and small product that will probably never run out cause you use so little of an amount, your whole day goes better. this product is crucial for all day events, such as weddings, trips or vacations, if your going to do something extreme like halloween makeup and don't want someone bumping into you to ruin all those hours of work, etc. plus, using it daily is never a bad thing. 

one more thing... this concept is not only for eyelids. use the same concept by applying moisturizer or a liquid foundation before a powder or bronzer! works wonders!!

my reccommendations:
-"True protective shadow primer" is my favorite. i can't find it many places. check
-mac. it's a little thicker than my taste, but works amazing. just work quickly before it dries. sold at nordstrom
-ask sally's or your local beauty supply shop, they usually have one or two and at a decent price
-i hear mary kay has one if you know a seller. i've never used it though.
-last but not least: check at the drug store. maybe someday a company will introduce a primer to their line, and i don't look there often so maybe they have some already. just make sure to read the instructions on the back to make sure that you are buying the right thing. eyeshadow primer. 

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