Wednesday, November 9

Why MY husband is actually better than yours.

Lame Story: last -in the middle of the- night, after tossing and turning because I could not find a comfortable sleeping position i vaguely remember telling garrison that I wanted strawberry jello. more sleep talking than actually wishing.

Not-So-Lame Story: Garrison briefly wakes me up when he is ready to go to school just to tell me he loves me like he does everyday, and groggily i still say that i want jello and water. he laugh's a little, smiles, and promptly goes to the kitchen to get me water and kisses me goodbye as he leaves for school, i hear the door shut and .2 seconds later am fast asleep until my alarm goes off on my phone with a message waiting that says "did you look in the fridge?" confused i went to the fridge and this is what i found:

ADORABLE. he also left a note on the bathroom mirror that i hadn't seen yet. (apparently i don't use the bathroom as much as most pregnant people or i would have noticed this first for sure!)

it says "look in the fridge I >heart< you" with a strawberry drawing. yeah, that's a strawberry.

I still don't know how he did it. no dirty dishes. no trace of him, i for sure don't remember him waking up to make it. it's just like finding a pot of gold in the fridge. except better. and you can bet your sad little awesome-husband-longing bottom that i ate the whole thing. 

I just BET your husband cannot beat that story...<pause as you try to think>... yep, told you so. MY husband really is better than yours.

Love you baby.


  1. my husband is better. i can guarantee it :)

  2. No way. Husbands only get better as they age and experience life. As with a good wine and cheese.