Monday, August 13

Craft Lake City

have you ever heard of craft lake city? well, it's basically a DIY expo. this year it had 200+ exhibits. it mostly consisted of booths with an etsy shop vibe. there were so many things for sale. anything from baby booties to quilts to sculptures to food that looked like sculptures, to hand painted art. honestly, if it's something you could make, you could have a booth. the possibilities were endless.
we had so much fun as a family, taking pictures, coming up with creative ideas for our next projects, and mostly... people watching. (it's addicting and... so much better in slc.) 

speaking of people watching: recognize this guy from this tv show?

 there were also booths where you were encouraged to make something yourself. for example, garrison and i went to the stamping booth where we made something using stamps in order to enter a drawing for 50 dollars. (i made a welcome and thank you sign, garrison made an actual stamp. like, carved it out of rubber and everything.) epic.

will we be going again next year? you betcha! especially if it can guarantee this beautiful of a sunset on the way home again... breathtaking.

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