Friday, August 31

Re-Vamping Shoes (with paint)

 these white shoes have only been worn once, but got those brown scrapes on the side from the rubber heel of the other shoe while walking. the toes were still nice and clean but the sides were just ugly. so, with some tape, newspaper and neon yellow paint, these shoes were transformed. unluckily they are my sisters shoes so i can't wear them but, i still think they are awesome and was so happy to do them for her.

i feel the pictures are self explanatory but if you'd like a description of what we did here ya go.
taped down newspaper in the area that we wanted to remain white.
used our Martha Stewart multi-purpose paint and painted the rest of the shoe. I just used a normal paint brush and it worked great. the shoes needed two coats in order to completely cover the scuff marks, making sure to let the paint dry between each coat.
remove tape and newspaper. all done.

we also painted this neon yellow onto a white pair of sandals of mine that were completely worn out. i thought these shoes were beyond repair, but i guess they just needed a new coat of paint. besides the soles, they look like new!

i used white shoes to paint on top of because i figured the color would turn out the best. depending on the material your painting, i assume you could use any color of paint. the overall color might vary depending on the original color of shoe. as a rule of thumb i'd paint at least one shade darker than the original shoe, or plan on doing multiple coats of paint.

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