Monday, March 24

Terribly Awesome Two's!

i have way too many photos to share, and not really much to say beside the fact that she has had such a fun day, hanging out with friends, watching her new present: Frozen, playing outside with her bubble gun, and wearing all her new cute clothes. who wouldn't have a fun day if that was all that was on your agenda for the day?! right now she is taking a much needed nap, and when she wakes up, we will take her to the play Honk. she loves going to the theater. so, i have a feeling this will be a great way to end the day.
 ^^that beauty right there is Stephanie from Rad Mom Cool Kid, obviously we had a good time.
the candle holders were from gnome sweet gnome shop. click here to learn how to enter their giveaway.
food items for the afternoon included: mac and cheese, bananas, and cheese sticks for the kiddos, 
pineapple, bananas, hummus and homemade pita chips, as well as mac and cheese for the mommies.
i got these little animal figurines from joanns and spray painted them gold to put as cupcake toppers for the kids to take home. 
i made her flower crown out of silk daisies hot glued to green pipe cleaners.
i made the coffee filter peonies from this tutorial
i made the tissue paper pom poms from this tutorial
i made the invitations on photoshop using fonts from this collection, and added the glitter with modge podge. 
i made the envelopes out of glitter cardstock using the pattern below (once cut out it kinda looks like a fish). the calligraphy i did with my calligraphy pen and a sharpie for touch-ups. 

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