Friday, May 30

Favorite Find Friday: Key Case

This week's item is an old style key case.
my husband purchased mine from a small store while he was in canada, so sadly i do not have a direct link to buy one identical to mine, but... i have found a few similar ones. here are their links 1/2/3/4 and finally here's one that's almost identical to mine. or if none of those styles work/suit your taste, just try looking up "old style key case 6 lobster clip leather" on either google or that's how i found most of the links above.

if your anything like me, you have lots of keys, a big purse, and only one hand because the other is carrying your child, or carseat, or groceries. and sometimes all three! this is not a good combination people. opening my car, or my front door is sometimes a huge struggle because i cannot find my keychain fast enough in my huge purse, or, once i do find it, then i struggle to pick out the right key, especially in the dark.

while this item is not saving you hours of time, i love this product enough that i highly doubt i will ever use any other style of keychain. not only is it vintage inspired, which is always fun, it is sleek and smooth, it keeps the keys from jingling and making noise, scratching the other contents of my purse such as sunglasses, phone, and even sometimes breaking my makeup, it's easy to find because it has a very specific shape and texture, and... best of all it keeps my keys organized and easy to access at all times with only one hand!

^^i don't know if this is the correct way to use it, but i like to take one or two of the clips/hooks that i use most frequently, such as my car and my house, and flip them on the outside of the pouch when i clasp it closed, this way, all of my i-have-to-keep-them-with-me-but-i-hardly-ever-use-them keys are tucked away on the inside, while my frequently used ones are outside of the pouch easy to access.

anyway, although i do not have a giveaway for you this week, i still thought it was worth sharing because it is so unique and such an unknown style of keychain that i thought you would like to know. sharing helpful information is exactly what the internet is all about anyway, right? do any of you have or know of a simple, unique item or product that has helped you out that you didn't know existed? if so, id love to hear about it in the comments below!

also... thanks for being patient, but the winner of the lilash givewaway is Michelle Thomas!! she has been contacted already and will be receiving her lilash this week! congratulations! and thanks to all that entered!

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