Friday, January 15

Snow Angel

Bayli is my little snow bunny. she just LOVES it. every morning when a fresh snow has fallen, she will often come into our room and let us know before we have even opened the blinds ourselves! i am the opposite. sure, i think the snow is pretty and all, but i prefer to enjoy it from the inside, wearing slippers, and drinking cocoa. -preferably there is also a fireplace and a good book as well.- but bayli just cannot contain herself with excitement in wanting to go out and play in it. no matter how cold, or windy it may be. the problem is that she is basically GUARANTEED to get a cold, each and every time she goes out. this girl is just so delicate, if she ever gets cold. like, shivering, purple lips, kind of cold. then no matter what she will get sick. and it really doesn't take much to get her to that stage of "cold" so... the battle continues, me wanting to stay inside, warm, healthy, and enjoy watching the snow fall. vs her wanting to go out and play, and chase the dog, and freeze her tush off.

this time she won. next time, i've got a special can of stephens mint hot cocoa with my name all over it.
written with sharpie.

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