Wednesday, August 31

Happy Birthday: to my two best girlfriends!

I have always hated/loved the fact that both of my best friends share the same exact birthday. because of this, i love it because August 3rd will always be remembered for the rest of my life and i will never forget either of them, or their birthdays. i hate it because i always feel bad when both have something planned for that day and i have to pick. luckily for me.... Chelsey decided to go to El Salvador for the summer and so we get to celebrate her day when she gets home. Katie on the other hand is in town and we get to do stuffs!   so, this year it's just alot of even amounts of love for each of them.
i don't know if my photographer is just that amazing or if he knew that he was capturing BOTH of my best friends in this shot. that is why i love this shot so much. it's honestly not a super photogenic shot of any of us, but it shows true emotion. and true friendship. im wiping chelsey's tear, while crying myself, and katie's in the background. waiting to be next to hug me with tears in her eyes as well. i love this because even though we are crying, they are tears of joy. just like the many tears i cried at katie's wedding, and the tears i will cry at chelsey's wedding.

having a best friend is the greatest blessing anyone can ever imagine. you get a shoulder to lean on, an ear to talk off and tears that fall on unjudging laps. In having a best friend you get a fashion advisor, hairstylist, make up artist, shopper, tourist, driver, counselor, therapist, nail technician, trainer, cook, and tutor all in one. and i'm lucky enough to have two! if you want to know something deep about someone, ask their best friend. but remember, what happens in sleep-overs, stays in sleep-overs. especially if those sleep-overs are actually in vegas. :) 

i just want katie and chelsey to know... that i will bend over backwards, dance at your wedding, stay up late, get up early, take off work, drive to wendover, do your hair, cheer from the side lines, be there when your sick and be there when your happy. listen, talk, and just shut up. i will fork over the money, and hand you back the fork. i will never steal from you unless its stealing back clothes, i will never murder you, unless it's murdering a bad idea, and i will never hurt you unless you really need it. i will always make a stupid face in the "pretty" picture, and block out your aunt in your wedding photos (sorry). i will always tell you my secrets. i will never finish the ice cream. i will watch the same movie over and over until we both have it memorized. i will be honest if i don't like your boyfriend. i will always be the first to cry at your wedding and i will always, throughout my entire life, thank you and love you for making me the person I am today. 

love you girls more than words can describe!

your, bestie/"lcfmty"/val-pal/tipper/all other nicknames/val.

p.s. this was written and supposed to be posted on the 3rd. i dont know why it wasn't. forgive me. kbye.


  1. This made me cry! I too am so grateful that you had/have Chelsey and Katie in your life. They are wonderful girls and I too love them! You are all so lucky to have each other as friends. I hope you will all keep in touch forever! (And invite me to join you sometimes :)

  2. aww! love you val. we really are some pretty great friends, huh? this is only reinforcing the fact that we all need to get together PRONTO. LOVE YOU!

  3. Oh my that is so cute Valerie! you are such a great friend. I am jealous, I need a friend like you! And ps. love the picture of you and chels at my wedding! woot woot! ha.