Saturday, December 31

Moving: Update

Well, as i said in this post our apartment that we are currently renting has sold to a lovely newlywed couple who are currently on their honeymoon. they are moving in on the 1st, which means that we have to be out on the 31st. today. yay. it's moving day.

"the johnsons" have been putting up a fight. they really don't want to move. (i guess we should take this as a good sign because that must mean the house is amazing right?!) well, the day after christmas my dad gave them a call and really enforced the rules. i bet he wishes he still had his beard because the intimidating power of his beard im sure could have been felt even over the phone. he let them know all of the drama and problems that had been caused because of them and basically evicted them. well, my dad isn't that mean, and so... after the water settled a little, it was decided that they would have 30 days to be out of the house, and a contract was written and signed. which says that weather their house closes or not, they still have to be out of the house by jan 28th. 

so... the next question is. wait, if you are moving out today, and they aren't moving out for another 28 days then.... what are you doing for the next month???

living with my parents. that's what.

ever since the day after christmas we have been packing all our stuff up in boxes and today we get to move it all into garrison's parent's garage. the stuff we plan on needing for the next month goes with us into my parents house. we get to live in my little sisters old bedroom. 

luckily we know the exact day that they will be out, so there for sure is a light at the end of the tunnel. we only have to be homeless for a month. that's really nice and makes this whole thing bearable. we already have found some really nice things about this situation. we will not be stressed to get into the house while it is still dirty and needs repair. instead garrison and i can take a week or so and fix up the place and then move in. you know, after the paint has dried and the carpets have been cleaned. if we would have moved in today that wouldn't have happened. we also get to go a whole month without paying rent! this means that we will have even more money to spoil our new little baby and get the house looking just perfect. 

the worst thing about this plan is that we only have 2 months to get the house ready before this baby arrives. and if it comes early.... uh oh. but, now that we know the gender it is a lot easier to work on the little things like the bed sheets, and blankets, getting clothes, and picking nursery themes/decorations. and i really doubt it will take more than two months to put it all together. -i'm just a BIG planner and really have been stressed about getting everything ready- and we wouldn't be the first family put in this situation. we can do it!

basically the update is: we've moved from our adorable little apartment in provo to our parents basement. we will be here for a month and then will be moving into our house on geneva. it's gonna be fun!!! feel free to invite us to hang out this month, as long as it's at your house. we might need to escape. :)

a big thank you to desi escobedo, reed doxey and kevin oldham for loading up our two trailers!! thanks to mark bowden for providing his horse trailer, and tom oldham for his trailer. thanks to the jones' for allowing us to store our stuff in your garage for the next month, and a huge thank you to my parents for giving us a place to stay during this transition. WE LOVE YOU! 

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