Wednesday, January 4

Baby Diary: Nursery Wishlist

because my clothing wishlist post was so much fun and actually has been very helpful, i decided to do a nursery wishlist in a similar way. because of our moving disaster talked about here and here we don't actually have a room to work on yet. but we are trying to finish as much of the small things like getting our ideas sorted out and minor decorations taken care of this month before we move.
the nursery will be yellow and grey with "you make me happy when skies are grey" as the theme. of course there will be lots of birds and branches. -surprise surprise, it's me you guys. you probably could have predicted i would do this theme a few years ago.- from there we don't really have any plans because we haven't even seen the room yet. we don't even know what the lighting and flooring are like. so... here goes the wishing.

this rug: etsy, "eight by ten" multiple sizes and prices ranging from 30.00-195.00
this chandelier/nightlight: homemade. $0 i already have the supplies i just need to take the time and blow up the oversized balloon and make the thing.
this door muffler: homemade not in the color pink, hopefully it works!
this oversized ruler: for marking growth and we can bring it with us when we move. i hope it will fit in the nursery instead of next to the front door like it is in the picture.
this for inspiration: replace all the teal and orange with various shades of yellow and it would be perfect. i LOVE the wall color and vinyl wall stickers. hopefully patti oldham can make some for me i will have to ask her.
this pillow: land of nod 62.00 "when skies are grey" the concept is awesome, maybe i can make something similar, i don't think 62 dollars is worth it.
these curtains: i'm thinking yellow and white stripes up against a grey wall. with a dark grey curtain behind them to block out the light completely during daytime naps.
this material: especially the chevron. oh man.
these for wall art: i can't decide which one i like better.
this pillow: land of nod 16.00 each. i love the yellow bird in front!
this mobile: land of nod 56.00 this is more for inspiration than for purchasing.
or maybe this one: warning, apparently these birds are a terror to balance so they don't fall upside down when hanging.
This nightstand: land of nod 119.95. i like the white because our crib is white. this would be perfect next to the rocking chair.
this wall art: homemade. look for looms at yard sales. use left over yellow and grey material from the sheets and quilt. not as many.

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  1. All cute stuff! Love the theme. The yellow bird pillow. Get that even though 16 that is super cute and great accent!