Tuesday, July 24


as my blogging has become a bit more popular with readers over the few months, i just have had to ask myself, the "who, what, when, where, and why" of my blogging hobby. you know... who i'm picturing while writing posts, what to talk about, why, etc. well.... i think i've got all of my other questions answered besides "when." that has been the hardest for me to figure out.

so, once again, i'm coming to you for help.

when do you blog?
i've tried to write a few posts on the weekend or when you have some extra time and that way if you're in a bind you have those extra posts to fill your daily quota, but then it just seems like everyday turns into a "i'm in a bind" day and all of my saved up posts are used extremely quickly. i've tried doing the same time everyday but with a newborn and an ever changing schedule that hasn't worked. and i've also just done a post whenever i do something worth writing about but usually that means i have a really awesome day with like 10 posts and nothing for the next two weeks... not so bueno.

some things that i do know include. i know that i love writing posts, i love coming up with tutorials and taking the pictures of it all, i love attempting to express myself and put those words out there for the world to see. i also know that with every single new follower i get, i get this little love burst for them and their support in what im doing. but, if i'm actually gonna do this blogging thing then i think i need to just figure out the when a little better (or a lot) and then it will be a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable for me and my readers.

so... what have you figured out with your blogging? when do you write/post? and especially i'd love your feedback if your a new mommy like me. it's just a tough situation all around with a newborn i guess. (technically since she turned 4 months old today, i can't call her a newborn anymore but... i'm sticking it to the man and calling her a newborn for at least a few more months. it's just too weird and she's growing up too fast!)

one more thought: wouldn't you have the hardest time starring at your computer screen when you've got a face like this pleading for your attention??? if only there were a few more hours in the day.

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  1. I hear you. I have such big aspirations (personal ones) for my blog but quickly get discouraged by all the blogs with awesome writing and such.
    I also can't force any posts! If I have nothing to say, that poor blog just sits. And that makes me really nervous because I'll be like you, a new mom in Septemeber- so I have no clue how I'll get it in! Well, here's to trying! :)