Saturday, January 25

Dual Braid Crown

this style is really pretty simple, all you need to know is how to french braid, but it's much easier than it looks and gets tons of compliments, and, my favorite of all: it's great for second day hair!
first you part your hair, then do a small "corn row" along your forehead until you reach your temples, or eyebrows, then stop french braiding and just finish braiding until you reach your ends. tie it off loosely or put a bobby pin on the ends for now to keep the braid from unraveling. then do another corn row directly behind it. do the same to the other side.
take the two braids farthest from your forehead and tie them together creating a "crown" then take the two braids closest to your forehead and tie them together, making sure this one is much looser so that the tie will sit lower on the back of your head. remove the other ties/bobby-pins that you had in each individual braid and unravel the braid until you reach the elastic.
from here you are done, unless you want to add some curls, these curls were done yesterday so i didn't have to do, but, it would look great if you had your hair in a french braid the day before, or you have some beach waves or natural curl to your hair already. if the back of your hair is greasy, i would recommend using your favorite dry shampoo, but besides that all you have to do is go out and enjoy the day knowing that your hair will be out of your face, and in place the entire day!!
yeah, it's that good! :P

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