Tuesday, November 30

Root Canal. the end.

I have sensitive teeth. very sensitive. I usually get like 10 shots when I just get cavities filled cause they just can't numb me enough. Well... don't you even worry. Today Im getting my first (and hopefully last, garrison has introduced me to a new toothbrush that is probably going to change my life. haha) Root Canal. lower left hand side, second to last molar. >insert pain< Im currently on this pill that is supposed to make me more "relaxed" and tired, side effect: memory loss for entire day. today is going to be fun. hahahah! hopefully I get video taped and make millions of dollars like david at the dentist (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txqiwrbYGrs) Im already starting to get woozy, Im actually excited about it, hopefully i'll sleep through the entire day. My wedding-stressed body needs it. I also need food but I can't cause you have to take the pill while fasting. anyway, the point of this blog was not for me to complain... instead it was to say a public thank you to my family, and especially my mom Loni my dad Vance, and Garrison. they are so worried about me today and it is so cute, they say they only do it because they love me. and you know what, im ok with that. knowing that you are loved because your mom will call you and remind you to take your medicine, and that twenty minutes before that your fiancee calls just to remind you of the side effects and to make sure I slept well. and this is all displays of their love even before the appointment. I just love my family, and I'm excited to start my own in 43 days.

Dear Family, I love you, sorry I'm abandoning the Winn last name, will you still accept me and my new other half? thanks.
Love, Valeri (soon to be) Jones.


  1. You have to read my bog for the rest of the story, and actually I think the best of the Root Canal story. hahahaha Garrison, I think you would agree with me on this. Right?

  2. Ah, they're so sweet. And more than just reminding you of the stuff you need before the root canal treatment, you really need all the love and support you can get, especially now that you have your own family. Here's to the best. And just take it easy with your sensitive teeth.