Monday, January 5

2014 in Pictures

Every year Garrison's sister puts together a little photo book and slideshow of all of his side of the family. this means that every year i go through my pictures and pick out a handful of my favorites to send to her. i don't know why it hasn't occurred to me before to include those pictures on a post in my blog, but i finally put two and two together and here it is. (if your feeling nostalgic, here's our 2012 year in pictures)

Our Favorite Pictures from 2014

 ^^^Our 3rd Anniversary

^^^i went through a phase where i tried to take professional quality pictures of bayli each week. i really wish i would have kept that going. like most resolutions it only lasted for the month of January.
 ^^^that kissy one, and these next few are from when Garrison went on a long work trip round the world.

^^^Bayli's 2nd Birthday

^^^Easter dresses sewn from old curtains left behind at our house just like in The Sound of Music.
 ^^^ from this post
^^^Mothers Day
 ^^^from this post
 ^^^wearing a souvenir from the cruise.
 ^^^on one of our camping trips
^^^Flying in a Helicopter
^^^Sometimes you just need a funny selfie
 ^^^from this post
 ^^^at the carnival

 ^^^ from this post
 ^^^after church selfies are just the best.
 ^^^everyone needs a yearly pore strip photo.
 ^^^a quick snapshot of the fam in the park
 ^^^ i made that huge himmeli wreath in the background from those straws. the picture is both not as cheesy, and cheesier once you know why i was taking it. :)

^^^the fourth of july spent at the provo hot air balloon race, and later that night at the rodeo.
 ^^^on our huge backyard tree swing

 ^^^Hiking rock canyon
 ^^^on my 24th birthday
 ^^^goodness... that smile!
 ^^^ from this post.
 ^^^from this post

^^^Garrison's 28th Birthday camping trip.
^^^ from this post
 ^^^that sunflower grew in our front yard, we roasted our own sunflower seeds from it.
 ^^^halloween, all dressed up in my brothers clown costume that my mother made 30+ years ago.
 ^^^Because of Bayli's obsession with My Little Pony, we took her to ride a real one at Thanksgiving Point and made her wildest dreams come true.
^^^i dressed up as Effie from The Hunger Games for a church activity.
^^^from this post
 ^^^announcing we are pregnant with baby #2! (and it's a girl!)
^^^Christmas spent here in town with our families.

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